Common Questions

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple self-help technique which combines an easy to learn process of tapping with your fingers on a sequence of acupuncture points while focusing on the intention to release physical discomfort, emotional distress and/or mental confusion.  If you’re not yet familiar with how to do EFT, click on the “How to Tap” video after reading my Disclaimer.

What does it mean to “tap prayerfully”?

One of the many things that can come up for us as we tap are feelings of being alone, unsupported, worried or lost.  This website is dedicated to providing educational resources and products designed to help people discover and nurture their spiritual resources and use those resources to augment the effectiveness of their EFT practice.

In what ways can I use the blog?

I really believe that you will feel your way easily as you sample the blog posts.  Not every blog post will be right for every person.  Use what’s meaningful and feel free to leave the rest.  Have fun and poke around.  You will find traditional and non-traditional prayers woven into an EFT format.  You will also find more classic EFT experiences on a number of topics which will include opportunities to draw on your spiritual resources.

Do I have to be a certain religion to use these blogs?

Absolutely not!  Inclusion is the hallmark of this website.  Everyone is welcome and all beliefs will be respected.  I’m interested in helping you find your resources.  I won’t be telling you what those should be.  That being said, there will be specific blog posts with language out of particular religious, spiritual or philosophical traditions.  The blogs are invitations and suggestions, not laws and regulations.  Feel free to do just pieces of an experience, change the language or add things that will have meaning for you.

How do I use the Forum page?

I’m particularly excited about the Forum.  This is the place where you can leave your comments, questions and requests. I want to know both what’s helpful and what’s not as well as your own insights about your tapping experience.  I also want to know what topics you hope I will address.   Just remember that the information shared on the Forum page is not medical or psychological advice. I’ve dedicated this site to respect, dignity and compassion for all.  I know you will want to join me in that intention as you share.  Thank you.

Is the use of this website and the blog posts psychotherapy?

No it is not and this website is not part of my psychotherapy practice.  Psychotherapy is a delicate, professional interaction between two specific people – a particular therapist and a client.  I’m thrilled that you are visiting my website.  I hope you learn a lot and that what you learn will be a support on you journey.  However, generic tapping experiences cannot replace one on one psychotherapy with a trained, licensed clinician.  The blog can provide support and insight for you to take with you, potentially, into your therapy sessions.  It could also help you see how far you can get on your own and identify when it might time to reach out for help.

Note that by viewing or listening to any of these video or audio experiences and using EFT, you’re agreeing to be legally bound by the Disclaimer.

If you are able to travel and would like to meet with me in person for psychotherapy, I’d be happy to help.  Just go to the Contact page on to reach me.